David Graham, the voice artist who brought life to Parker, Brains and countless other characters from the world of Gerry Anderson has agreed to attend Fanderson's TV21 convention.

The event, to be staged in Bristol over the weekend of October 22nd - 24th, already has good guest representation from the Supermarionation series, and Graham will once again have the chance to meet up with fellow Thunderbirds voice artists Shane Rimmer and Matt Zimmerman. The trio are always a fan's favourite at conventions, not least of all because of their willingness to slip back into character as certain times!

Graham worked as a RAF radar mechanic during the Second World War before moving to New York to train as an actor. This background helped his development as a talented and versatile 'transatlantic' voice artist, and he went on to voice numerous American and English parts in every Gerry Anderson show from Four Feather Falls through to Thunderbirds. He also appeared in a host of other classic British series during the sixties and seventies , notably Danger Man, The Saint, Callan, The Tomorrow People and Doctor Who. In 1995 he was reunited with Gerry Anderson when he was cast in the role of Dr Long in Space Precinct, and continues to be active in show business.

Two sculptors behind many of the most famous faces in Gerry Anderson's shows have been confirmed as guests at Fanderson's TV21 convention in Bristol (October 22nd - 24th).

John Blundall worked on all the early puppet series from Supercar through to Thunderbirds, for which he sculpted Kyrano, Grandma Tracy and - famously - Parker.

Terry Curtis joined AP Films in 1964 and worked alongside Blundall on Thunderbirds, where he spent most of his time re-making supporting the characters. He then worked on the two Thunderbirds feature films, as well as Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90.

Thunderbirds was the only show on which Blundall and Curtis worked together, with Blundall leaving at the end of the series due to a disagreement over the growing realism of the puppets. Both continued to work in film and television.


Fans have less than two weeks to take advantage of the discount registration rates for Fanderson's TV21 convention, which takes place in Bristol this October.

Follo full weekend registration is now £100 for Fanderson members, and  £120 for non-members.

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