Programme > Design Influences on Anderson Vehicles

With Dr Philip Atcliffe
Saturday or Sunday, 55 Minutes
Discussions Room

TV production doesn't exist in a vacuum. Reg Hill, Derek Meddings, Mike Trim and the rest of the AP Films/Century 21 SFX crew didn't create Supercar, XL5, Stingray, the Thunderbirds and all the other wonderful craft we know and love out of thin air.

Inspiration for all or part of a vehicle could come from just about anywhere. If it catches the designers' eyes, it could be combined, adapted, refined and reworked into an amazing new model. Some of these influences are well-known, while some others aren't...

Dr Phil Atcliffe will talk about what some of them were, and what others might have been.

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Thunderbird s 1 and 4 - what inspired their design?