UFO Special Effects &
The Magical Era of Special Effects at Century 21

With Alan Shubrook
Saturday, 55 Minutes each
Main Hall

For over 45 years, the mysteries and magic behind the special effects of Britain’s best-loved children’s television series have remained a secret to all but a few. Most people viewing any of these iconic puppet series today would assume that the cars, boats, planes and rockets were all driven by sophisticated remote control systems. However, the truth is that the only tools on hand to produce the stunning visual effects that entertained and enthralled millions of children and adults alike were bits of wire, pieces of string, an occasional nudge, a push and a great deal of luck !

In two sessions, Century 21 Special Effects Model Maker Alan Shubrook shows exactly how it was all achieved, with the aid of dozens of behind the scenes photos and his precious memories of the many years that he worked at the studios.

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 Alan Shubrook  examines the special efects on Gerry Anderson's incredible series