Terrahawks modelmakers John Lee and Steve Woodcock will make their first appearances at a Fanderson convention this October, having agreed to attend TV21.

Both artists were interviewed in 2007 for FAB 58, where they explained how they broke into the film industry on Cosgrove Hall's The Wind in the Willows, before moving across to join the Terrahawks production in 1983.

John Lee has since worked on the 2004 live action Thunderbirds film, contributing to several set piece disaster sequences, the Thunderbird 5 model and the Thunderbird 1 interior. He has credits on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, V for Vendetta, Alien vs Predator, Casino Royale and Moon.

After working on Aliens in 1986 alongside Lee, Woodcock began writing, producing and directing films, including Between Two Women and The Jealous God, an adaptation of a John Braine novel from the 1960s.

Terry Curtis

Unfortunately sculptor Terry Curtis has had to withdraw from TV21, but has made a very generous donation to the convention's charity auction. This is top secret for now - watch this space! After joining AP films in the 1960s Curtis worked on a host of productions, including the two Thunderbirds feature films, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90.

Logo for the Barry Gray Centenary Concert
Highlights from the Barry Gray Centenary Concert staged in 2008 will be screened at TV21. The screening will take place on the evening of Friday October 22nd at the Bristol City Ramada Hotel as part of the TV21 convention.

Held at the Royal Festival Hall on 8th November 2008, 'Music From the 21st Century' featured stirring renditions of Gray's famous music by the Philharmonia Orchestra, as well as stand-out performances by Pascale Rousse Lacordaire on the Ondes Martenot and Crispin Merrell as a solo pianist.

Eagerly anticipated by many fans, this will be the first ever private screening of the event and should prove to be a popular way to kick-off TV21. More details will be available soon.

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