Shane Rimmer's autobiography, Thunderbirds To Bond and Beyond, will be launched in October 2010 to coincide with Fanderson’s TV21 Convention in Bristol.

Rimmer will be attending the event as one of the headline guests, and it is hoped that copies will be made available for signing. The book will be published by Reynolds & Hearn. Rimmer is best remembered by fans of Gerry Anderson as the voice of Scott Tracy, the eldest Tracy brother an pilot of Thunderbird 1.

Canadian actor Shane Rimmer has been confirmed as a special guest at Fanderson's TV21 Convention, to be held in October 2010.

Rimmer appeared alongside fellow Thunderbirds voice artists David Graham and Matt Zimmerman at the club's last convention, Sector 25, where he delighted fans with his performance as the Old Toy Maker in a read through of Phil Ford's unmade New Captain Scarlet script, House of Dolls.

Shane Rimmer has had a long and varied association with Gerry Anderson's productions. He will - of course - always be remembered as the voice of Scott Tracy in Thunderbirds, but also voiced numerous parts in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Joe 90, as well as the eponymous gumshoe in the Dick Spanner stop-motion animated series of the late eighties. He also appeared onscreen in UFO and The Protectors, and guest-starred as the ill-fated astronaut Kelly in the Space:1999 episode Space Brain.

A seemingly ever-present supporting actor in the world of cult film and TV, Rimmer has appeared in several Bond and Superman films, as well as classics such as Dr Strangelove, The Bedford Incident and Star Wars. He appeared briefly in Batman Begins in 2005.

Watch out for more guest announcements soon...