The guest list for Fanderson's TV21 convention in October continues to grow, with prolific artist and modelmaker Mike Trim now also confirmed. Trim is scheduled to attend both Saturday and Sunday and intends to take a table in the Dealers Room to sell his artwork.

Trim's association with Gerry Anderson began during the production of Stingray when he joined Derek Meddings' model shop at AP Films. He then became special effects designer on Thunderbirds and went on to work on every remaining Anderson puppet series. He also worked as designer on the live-action UFO, as well as all three of Gerry Anderson's sixties feature films (Thunderbirds Are Go, Thunderbird 6 and Doppelganger (a.k.a. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun)).

Trim now works as a conceptual designer and freelance illustrator for film and television. In 1978 he produced the iconic cover artwork for Jeff Wayne's Musical version of The War Of The Worlds - one of the best selling albums of all time. He also worked on Agent Crush, a recent puppet-based spy-spoof movie homage to some of his earlier work that has yet to be released. Examples of his artwork can be found on his website: www.miketrimart.com


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Actor Gary Files has been confirmed as a guest at Fanderson's TV21 convention, to held in October 2010 in Bristol.

Also an accomplished writer and director, Files's exposure to show business on three continents gave him a transatlantic appeal and range of accents that helped him become a regular voice artist on the later Supermarionation series.

Files's involvement in the Anderson productions began on the big screen, when he replaced Ray Barrett as the voice of the Hood in Thunderbird 6. He went on to play the part of Captain Magenta, a gangster turned Spectrum agent in Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, before taking one of the lead roles in The Secret Service - Matthew Harding, an undercover secret agent disguised as Father Unwin's country bumpkin gardener.

He also provided many of the voices for Joe 90 and made a brief live-action appearance as Phil Wade in the first episode of UFO, Identified. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, and is very much looking forward to visiting the UK next year, subject to work commitments.